ANN FRÖSSÉN .... visual artist

LARGE SCALE PAINTINGS in selection, acrylic on canvas 2011-2022.

ann frossen studio

ann frossen
In Pieces, 90h x 225w cm, each piece 30h x 45w cm.
ann frossen
The Sea is an Ocean, 210h x 640w cm.
ann frossen
Medelhavet, 202h x 267w.

ann frossen danger
Danger, 202h x 267w cm.

annfrossen the deep
The deep, 202h x 267w cm.
darkblue annfrossen
Dark blue, 202h x 267w cm.
close to the wind ann frossen
Close to the wind, 202h x 267w cm.
marinista ann frossen
Grey sea, 140h x 202w cm.
ann frossen
Chaque vague fait souffrir, 140h x 202w cm.

fromdarktolight annfrossen
From dark to light, 140h x 202w cm. Private collection Sweden.

Havets tystnad annfrossen
Havets tystnad / Silence de la mer, 120h x 202w cm.
Danger at sea annfrossen
Danger at sea, 120h x 202w cm.
havsrummet ann frossen
Havsrummet, 140h x 202w cm.
ann frossen painting
Darker, 140h x 202w cm.
fara i havet annfrossen
Fara i havet, 202h x 140w cm.
eternalmovement annfrossen
Eternal movement, 202h x 140w cm. Private collection.
life annfrossen
Life, 202h x 140w cm. Private collection Sweden.
ann frossen
Precios time, 210h x 620w cm.

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