ANN FRÖSSÉN . . . . visual artist


Alajärvi FINLAND
Nelimarkka Museo, 2001.
Travelling group exhibition, painting, installation Red Interior.
Curator Gisela Meyer-Hahn, Grenzenlos Blau.

The Embassy of Sweden, 2003.
Solo exhibition, paintings, photographs, video, installation Red Interior.
Third World Water Forum Japan 2003 contains a wide perspective on the culture of Sweden. In Tokyo, Kyoto and other cities during March 2003. The exhibition is within the Third World Water Forum Japan 2003 and the UN, a representative from the UN Water section in Tokyo will be opening the exhibition.

The exhibition was made possible by support from:
Art 27 Gunilla Hedén, Stockholm City Hall, Wallenius Wilhemsen Lines Asia, GeoLogistics AB.

Enter the red interior.  Look at the blue sky or

feel the rain from the hole in the roof.

Look at yourself in the mirror and

look out towards the green exterior.

RED INTERIOR, 300 x 300 x 300 cm, is made of a wood construction with a sawn tent or house from red nylon cloth. There is a squared hole in the roof where you can look up and see the sky. In one of the corners is a mirror 35 x 35 cm, and on the opposite wall from the entrance, are two holes to look through, in two positions: one for children and one for adults.

RED INTERIOR has been exhibited within a group exhibition, “Rajaton sininen” "Grenzenlos Blau", curator Gisela Meyer-Hahn, at Nelimarkka Museum, Alajärvi, Finland, as an out door installation in 2001 and at the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo, a solo exhibition in 2003.
For Tokyo RED INTERIOR was also made in miniatures copies, 16 x 16 x 16 cm, in an edition of five.
A book on conceptual art and a catalogue from the exhibition in Alajärvi is published by 
Nelimarkka Museum in 2001.


RED INTERIOR, är tillverkad, sydd, av ett rött nylontyg jag ärvt. När jag var tonåring sydde jag, på lördagar, till mina föräldrars företag Klippoteket, s k kamkappor, som man hade över axlarna när man blev klippt eller färgad i håret.
RED INTERIOR är som en stor kamkappa som jag transformerat till något mer.

Ann Frössén

Nelimarkka museo, Alajärvi.

Swedish Embassy, Tokyo.

Jump! photograph.


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